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Once again, I gave up. Dot your I’s cross your T’s and your hearts. I’m glad that worked for you, but when it comes to me it’s sad. Played it by ear did on the fly, stubbornly indecisive ‘til the day that I die. “Only you can free your mind” Yeah, I know. “Life won’t wait don’t get left behind!” Yeah, I’ll try. I swear I’ll try. I swear I’ll try to repair the wagon. Once again, I need a new plan. “I heard the king is gathering men, they’ll reward you with gold” if you don’t end up dead. Once again, I think that I’ll pass. Don’t want to die for old men. Can’t fight a war that I don’t got a stake in. Every answer brings another question, why can’t I find something to believe in? I’ve seen it all, and it’s looking grim. I’ve planned my death out, it’s all wrong. Once again, I gave up. I had epiphanies I could communicate. I stole epiphanies from the late and great. I had dreams of kingdoms, I had dreams of wisdom… but every time I wake up.


from Horrible Music by Worse People, released November 24, 2015
Mixed, Mastered, and Recorded by Mike Sahm of Dream Awake Audio



all rights reserved


Bloodpig Stockton, California

Marc Pugh
Roman Gonzalez
Joey Barrows
Jake Hollingsworth

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