by Bloodpig

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released November 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Bloodpig Stockton, California

Marc Pugh
Roman Gonzalez
Joey Barrows
Jake Hollingsworth

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Track Name: Running Is For The Birds
What have you got left, now that you have given up all you have?
You're left with an honest picture of the creature you are
I won't give in to this again
I'll take my time and show I've grown
Give me a break from this so I can live again.

Grin, call me crazy.
You know you are dead to me
Call be crazy but I feel much better
Looking after myself than others
In this world
World of pain
I'd complain but then we'd be the same
Take your time
Fall back
This is the part where I just lie
Take your time you'll feel much better
They'll notice you're trying harder
We'll be here right by your side
I'll be here to say goodnight
Track Name: La Bella Dame Sans Merci
Wow, look at the time!
Now I must be going
Before they take my life
Or give me another drink
Because I just told this girl I love her again

As I walk down the streets in the city of no sleep, every door, man, and window, is calling to me.They call me from a familiar name endlessly urging me to join the game, free volatiles if I would only stay. Women in my wildest dreams sit in my lap for the taking, little did I know they were all just faking. Forced to a place I hardly knew, still blinded by the phrase "it's all for you" but IT'S ALL FOR ME! Felt like I had it all, or did I? The invisible gun is held firmly to my head forced to make decisions I knew I would always dread.
I can't hold out, I won't last long, no wonder we all sing the same sad song.

They take everything from a man until there's nothing left
but false hopes, empty pockets, and wretched memories.
I've been poisoned
I've been wronged
It's all for you
It's all for me
Get in
Get out
I'll take another drink
I'll give up everything
I'll ask myself why
You know I'm coming back
I've got a problem
I love them
Track Name: Watch Me Wreck This
Get you started
On this mess
Get you knowing
What you missed
We don't want the people bored
So we'll say something crazy like
"Rip apart everything that you love and throw it"
Track Name: Pharmville
Stand back from the singer that's screaming, pleasurable to the sound
Stand back now
Stand back from the senseless mind game, consumable by the crowd
Don't mind me
I'm just loud
Now the voice in my head seems to be loud
The voice in my head wants to stand out
The voice in my head would kill if it knew-
I wasn't alone, but home with you too
Don't comfort me!
They've got lined up prescriptions
Big white rooms with soft walls
Where you can always stay here
You know it's not your fault
Don't touch
I'm fine
Don't ask
I'll lie
Where's your shrinks at now?
They're all with me
Track Name: Cumshaw
I can see land.
Lets go, come on.
Everyone was happy as we came along the shore, we thought we'd be treated with gifts, drinks, and more. We thought we'd live like captains with earned money aboard, no one prepared us for what we endured. No one could ever say they've seen the things we've seen, and if you ever said your life was bad take it back and here's why; we saw transvestites at the age of nine, hepatitis from tattoos with knifes, pamphlets of babies passed out help now. Dressed up as fantasies the perverts had picked out. Half limb mothers begging for food as I indulge in mine and drink my booze. Acid drops for the tourists who don't care, razor pulled from women's bodies that are bare.
Told my boss I wanted it to stop,
and all he said was,
"Go back to work."