Horrible Music by Worse People

by Bloodpig

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released November 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Bloodpig Stockton, California

Marc Pugh
Roman Gonzalez
Joey Barrows
Jake Hollingsworth

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Track Name: Flamethrower
I saw a missile fly over my head. Got my thoughts, left them all dead. Over you. Over my head drinking and drinking and drinking again. Now everyone knows my strife so I have nothing up my sleeve left to guard. Just let me rest, one time. Back to the sheets of your bed. The mud is too thick to tread. It was all for the better, can't always predict the weather.
Track Name: Pyramid
Teach me to run, I'll find my feet. Buried in mud, I cannot leave. Why would you bring me back here? Everything you touch turns into shit. What a strange thing to share with "friends", you call them friends, convenient. But is it true? Let me explain; you've got it wrong. Acting too fast, you've got it wrong. I don't want to go there with you. Everything you see turns into stone, so let our eyes meet first. And I'll embrace the weight covering my eyes. And now, my eyes have found. Dirt fills my lungs, it feels so familiar. I've been buried before, but it's so much harder to claw through the dirt when the woman behind you has claws in your back, pulling you back down. It's all for you, and you can bare it. Then again it doesn't matter if you make it. I'd lend a shovel but I just don't care. I just don't care if you make it. I can feel its crushing weight coming down on me. Like a thousand tons. The dirt fits your smug red face. A coffin will be in her place. You can be the dirt. Six feet deep is not enough for what you did. Six feet deep is not enough, I'll make a new family with the worms. You've got it wrong. That's not my grave. Kill me softly. The worms make haste at night. The worms make me home.
Track Name: Hide 'n Die
One big lie. How else could it be? No matter how hard you try, no one likes honesty. And honestly, there’s no turning back now. Look at yourself and ask, why? Why even waste your precious fucking time? Hide and die. There’s no looking back, there’s only one way to go. I can only think that it’s time for you to go. Apply more pressure to the wound and salt the gash. Sometimes I hide. You speak without me in mind, but look between the lines. I don’t remember the last time people would open their eyes. I had just one dream, that there would another chance to change this. To help create this. Never to be understated, overlooked, or underappreciated. I don’t want to be famous, only slightly contagious. So we can stop listening to all this outrageous, uncourageous, faces that “save” us. Allow me to explain : I don’t think I can take it anymore. Rotten whore, self absorbed, always bored. Well get up and do something, fucking anything!
Track Name: Stagg Party
I got a second chance to move on, over the moon. But I asked you, where is the launch at? I don't think it matters if its delayed, it matters if it’s done. They keep telling me to move on, but they don't understand. I got another chance to fail, I got a second chance to fail. And I will take advantage of it, with no one’s help. Here we are! Here's the stuff that you asked for! I played no part at all. When they ask for a witness, I'll tell them I did it on my ow. This is just tension brought on by fear. Show me what is real, I can't reach for what's not there. I worked too hard for that. I've told you this once, twice before. Again and again, while you sit and ignore. All my words are falling on your deaf ears, you better hear your second chance to fail. My mind is filling up with questions to ask you. Do you think when I grow up, I can own my own house too? And if that's asking too much I'm sorry, I guess I let it all get to my head. When I got a second chance to fail. When i received my second chance. If I didn't do anything, I didn't do it on my own. This is just teenage anxiety. Push past the moon. Push the line through the constant. Stabilize through the constant. This is just fear I failed. It got to my head.
Track Name: Damo
Once again, I gave up. Dot your I’s cross your T’s and your hearts. I’m glad that worked for you, but when it comes to me it’s sad. Played it by ear did on the fly, stubbornly indecisive ‘til the day that I die. “Only you can free your mind” Yeah, I know. “Life won’t wait don’t get left behind!” Yeah, I’ll try. I swear I’ll try. I swear I’ll try to repair the wagon. Once again, I need a new plan. “I heard the king is gathering men, they’ll reward you with gold” if you don’t end up dead. Once again, I think that I’ll pass. Don’t want to die for old men. Can’t fight a war that I don’t got a stake in. Every answer brings another question, why can’t I find something to believe in? I’ve seen it all, and it’s looking grim. I’ve planned my death out, it’s all wrong. Once again, I gave up. I had epiphanies I could communicate. I stole epiphanies from the late and great. I had dreams of kingdoms, I had dreams of wisdom… but every time I wake up.
Track Name: Deer Stripper
I pray the sun let my friends make it through this one. Cause we’ve been standing in one spot for way too long. My skin burns off, already gone. Set in disguise, a lesser man, and I am grateful for all. We collect paintings of visions and let them fade in the sun. Most thoughts I try to create are dead before they’ve begun. The sky proceeds to fall in, as I admit my defeat. Brought upon by all these assertions and I am grateful for all. We walk in silence for all of our lives, no time to stop and ask the passersby. We only care about what’s inside… the next big thing we can hide behind. Lie behind! Who will be the one to find yourself, as you watch the passersby, sitting inside, wasting your pitiful little lives? Tear down your values and build them back up. Find out if anything matters to you. Travel the lower path, assume you are wrong. Question yourself, if you know. Brake off the shackles chained to your brain. Meditation all alone. Bring back patience, bring back calm. Try to brave the storm. Assume you are wrong and you’ll see the forest and straight through the trees. Stop living life so fast, slow it down. Top perspective is hard to achieve, start climbing. Fall back and one day you’ll see. The truth hurts. The stubborn have less to believe. You’re too far gone. I pray the sun let my friends make it through this one. Cause we’ve been standing in one spot for way too long. My skin burns off, already gone. Set in disguise, a lesser man, and I am grateful for all. I know I’m not allowed, it seems that time is running out. I want to give all my mistakes. I want to surrender. I want to live in peace. You’re too caught up in ethics to question yourself. *What Dave?* The truth can’t be found in what you know now, find yourself. Lie soft and low now. I won’t forego now. Conquer yourself. We just to live in peace, time is out.
Track Name: Spiderpig
You have risen! Let us thank you for all your troubles, we wouldn’t have made it. And now I see all my mistakes that I had made were foolish, and selfish, and immature. I’ve had too much to drink before these lights went out. I’m blind as a bat and I’m sick as a dog. I can’t find the moral in what you have told. Thank you, I really mean it. Now I have the power to reverse all of this. Death lies heavily on him who while, too well known by everyone else. Dying unknown, all to himself. Dying alone, in his own hell. We were warned all of our actions would be on
Track Name: Teeth
So I heard you had a problem. And it’s not our fault that we can see it. But if you ever asked us all for help, I’m sure it’s in your best interest to make sure you listen. This is a beautiful being, with a thousand necks, supporting just as many heads. Nourishing one body. Teeth down the others’ necks, ripping skin from flesh, if only they knew they were the same. They only saw the differences. Before we quit on you once and for all. Before we throw you to your own wolves, it’d be nice if we saw some progress. I’m just sayin. *Terrible beasts we are as we question now we can never something I don’t know this line.* Now detach from your tumor and put it in the cupboard. We weren’t meant to cure cancer anyway. Maybe there is no solution. Maybe all our diseases were all planned out. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m sick. Even if you cure cancer, what would I replace it with? Now we have lost it all. To the wind, to the sand, and the crawl. We’re all on the floor. At least unlike you I’m not asking for more. Temptation invitation. Party hard! It’s just too damn convenient. And you were so close, but it only takes one shot to fall off the boat.
Track Name: No Fire
Love thy self, til you got no more. Love thy self, beat your chest some more. Quarantine the poor, and weak, desperate thoughts in your mind. Push through the blind love. Push through it. I walk back and forth with myself, tied to my own beliefs, realizing any difference to be made, will end up compromising all the same. Embrace disdain, audit your mind. Don't fight the pain, it won't be fine. What I reaped here was never sewn. The teeth and the claws ripped on. With my hands to the sky, I foresee their deaths. With my hands to the sky, I can see all of it. Look for a new bright side. And I cannot, it was never my place to rest. And I cannot face this burden. Quarantine your brave heart. Forget all your blind love. And I cannot. The hope went missing now.
Track Name: Dynaknife
I don’t want to die a failure. But since it’s happening, you bet I’ll make a point to drag the process out. The lions hunts in a pack. Vultures stalk. Lions die out. Vultures flock. And the earlier worm gets an earlier death. I’ve got nothing to show. Work ethic gives no hope. Because the earlier worm gets an earlier death. And who am I to try to interrupt such a fool proof process? And I have figured it out, that I have nothing to gain. That there wasn’t ever anything missing. Whether or not you make it plays no part to planet Earth. So keep on scheming, delay all you want but you’re gonna decay. Into the ground beneath you, and the dirt will welcome you home. Kick back, rest. It’s okay, calm down, just rest. There’s really nothing better to do.
Track Name: Jamie Lee
Coward. I slept as my life went passing by. Simulations of light, passing by. Living off impulse. Treading a thinning line. Detailing all of my crimes. The well is running dry, I gave them all my crimes. The well is almost dry. I’ve dried out. All because the captain never tried out. The soldier wouldn’t salute. The doctor called in sick, couldn’t operate on himself. Now, no switch hits. Now, no combat. Now, no ground broke. All his loved ones withered and died. And I can’t seem to pin point when I went wrong, and became a street rat passing by. I can’t seem to pin point where I went wrong. And I take back all that is unsaid, and all that is unsaid, has made me this. I’ve been waking up a lot at night. Why am I waking up? Why am I here and no one else? Why does every achievement just set up for a new goal? When does it end? When I die? When I stop caring? Maybe it’s all a big joke. Maybe the divine explanation of our existence, and our purpose, is nothing more than water and air. The water and air we’re made of, and seek to survive. No one is different from the plants and the birds. Well I want to be heard! I want someone to tie it together. Where is the peace? Where is the love? Why do I feel so attached to these things that I have never had, that I am haunted by the dreams of dead believers? Why do I feel so unworthy when burdened by even a speck of happiness, that I do everything in my power to destroy it? Everything in my own power, to destroy it. But I will not concede. Until I rot, until I am no more. Hope could not overcome the heart ache, coward. All of them have no pity to offer, coward. I asked for help, I asked for just some piece of mind. Street rat, passing by.