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So I heard you had a problem. And it’s not our fault that we can see it. But if you ever asked us all for help, I’m sure it’s in your best interest to make sure you listen. This is a beautiful being, with a thousand necks, supporting just as many heads. Nourishing one body. Teeth down the others’ necks, ripping skin from flesh, if only they knew they were the same. They only saw the differences. Before we quit on you once and for all. Before we throw you to your own wolves, it’d be nice if we saw some progress. I’m just sayin. *Terrible beasts we are as we question now we can never something I don’t know this line.* Now detach from your tumor and put it in the cupboard. We weren’t meant to cure cancer anyway. Maybe there is no solution. Maybe all our diseases were all planned out. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m sick. Even if you cure cancer, what would I replace it with? Now we have lost it all. To the wind, to the sand, and the crawl. We’re all on the floor. At least unlike you I’m not asking for more. Temptation invitation. Party hard! It’s just too damn convenient. And you were so close, but it only takes one shot to fall off the boat.


from Horrible Music by Worse People, released November 24, 2015
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mike Sahm of Dream Awake Audio



all rights reserved


Bloodpig Stockton, California

Marc Pugh
Roman Gonzalez
Joey Barrows
Jake Hollingsworth

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